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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making a difference!

So,  I have news!  Yesterday I was chosen to become the State Leader for the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Atheist Party (NAP).  I welcome all of you to check it out and join your local chapter. EVEN if you're not an atheist.

Now - you're probably asking yourself "Why on earth would I want to join an ATHEIST organization??"

Simple, take a look at what we stand for, if you agree, join. The US government should be atheist.  Which means that it should not be in favor, OR AGAINST, any religion. It, like myself, simply should be without religion. Except for guaranteeing the right to exercise, or not exercise, your religion of choice.

I joined the NAP because I am a true believer of the separation of church and state. The constitution is truly a secular document and the government that results from that constitution should be secular as well.

This is why you will, or at least, SHOULD hear politicians refer to "Christmas Trees" as "Holiday Trees". This is why you are not allowed to place a nativity scene in front of City Hall.

Now, before you go and drag out your favorite e-mail forward, this does not mean that YOU, as an individual, are being censored from saying Merry Christmas. Go ahead. Feel free. Say it as often as you want, wherever you want - as long as you do not have your "public official hat" on. But remember, the next person is just as free to tell you to piss off.  Each of you has the right to be offended at each other. I believe that's one of the 10 commandments, is it not?

I know this is short, but I'm planning on writing a longer blog post later. For now, this was the best I could do with the short amount of time I had.

Please feel free to leave me comments and questions.


  1. Yea for you!! Good luck! Eileen

  2. So....since Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, does he become he-who-ought-not-be-named when I'm wearing my political hat?

    Just joking. I'm happy for you, and I am in agreement that the government should be completely without religious stances. Like with sex, religion is something best left to individual discretion and should not be forced on the unsuspecting or unwilling. ~~ Jenna