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Monday, August 8, 2011

Reading comprehension...

This isn't related to atheism, but just to show why reading comprehension is so very critical.

Today, I tried to use a Groupon - I followed their directions to a "T", but when I went to check out, the website said that the Groupon code was already used!

So, I sent Groupon an email stating such - as in "I tried to use my Groupon today, but the website stated that the code had already been used". Not that it was invalid, or not recognized, but that it had already been used. I even went into detail how I changed my password to my Groupon account to be on the safe side and asked them to look into things further.

This is the email that I got back:

    Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for your email. I do see this is not valid for sale
    items and is only valid only for women's fall/winter collection.
    Are you purchasing something from the women's fall/winter

    Please also make sure you are using the barcode on the lower
    right hand corner of your Groupon print out.

    If you are still receiving an invalid code please let me know!


    Laura M.

SERIOUSLY??? WTF?? How much clearer could I have been?

So I sent this in return:

   I'm not sure if you actually read my message, but when I
   went to use the code, it didn't say it wasn't  valid, but that
   the Groupon was already used!

   I tried to purchase a dress, not on sale, from their brand new fall

I'm still waiting on a second reply. I hope it's better than the first. So much frustration on my side could have been saved had she just read my original message in detail. ARGH!

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