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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Something for everyone to read. (Originally posted in FB notes)

The past few days, I've bee bothered and down and I've figured out why.. I have been told that people have freedom of speech and that I should just live and let live. Well, FUCK THAT! Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism.

Also, persecution does not mean criticism of your beliefs. Having your rights diminished because of your beliefs DOES! Yes, I am well aware of the persecution that Christians have gone through over the years. However, Christians have done more than their fair share of persecuting. They're persecuting Atheists and Gays right this VERY SECOND in the US. Two very well known groups that do this are The American Legion and The Boy Scouts.  Though, not "generally" enforced, there are SEVEN states in the US that would prevent atheists from holding public office, bearing witness, or being a juror.

How's this for horrible?? There are MANY instances where atheists are being persecuted in the military. Many of these people are KIDS, aged 18, not even able to drink - encouraged to go off and die for our country, and yet they have to fight tooth and nail to even be counted as atheist. Go read: This is a more humorous account of a story against an atheist, but there are countless others.

How difficult of a concept is that to grasp? When will the majority in this country realize this? And stand with those of us that want to guarantee rights for ALL American?

I don't know how someone can look at their child and love them up until the point they tell them that they've chosen another religion, or that they "like" members of the same sex.

I have noticed family and so-called friends de-friend me over the past couple years and I know that at least some of them are because I am an (out-spoken) atheist. I have been an outcast all my life.. I was shy, short, very near-sighted, and smart when I was in elementary and middle school. I was picked on relentlessly. I remember having only a couple of really good friends. That pattern continued throughout high-school.

While I put on a happy-face, I have always been depressed. I have felt different. And that was when I WAS A CHRISTIAN! I wasn't even close friends with the kids that went to my damn church - hell, the damn pastor completely forgot who I was after I went through the worthless confirmation classes.

I still have issues with depression, but you know what? If you have a problem with what I say and feel like hitting the "unfriend" button, be my guest. If asked i would give you the shirt off my back, and I have. But in return I end up getting judged, and harshly.

The reason I mention this, is that I will keep the depression, and I will keep being the outcast if it means standing up for what I believe in. For me, that means more than being popular and going along with what "society tells you".

I want my child to grow up where he is accepted no matter what sort of title he places on himself or others place on him. And it's not just for him, but for every little child growing up. I would have them grow up guilt free for who they are born as. If they are not hurting ANYONE, then WHAT THE FUCK MATTER does it make who they love? What matter does it make what they believe if they take it as it's okay for themselves!! And not force it on anyone else! It's not okay to force it in legislation.

And with that, I think I'm done with my rant.

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