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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And they call me crazy...

In previous posts I have made it very clear where I stand on racist and homophobic speech. I believe that you are free to use it as much as you want - however - that freedom comes at a cost. Freedom of speech only guarantees your right to say what you want without fear of the government. Well, sir, last time I checked, my family is not the government.

If you are family, it will mean that you will have extremely limited access to my child. You will not be free to talk about how you want to round up all of the gays, send them to an island and have the island bombed. Yes, I KNOW that you aren't talking about my son when you say these things, but he is too young to know his sexuality, but he will likely have friends that are gay in the future, regardless whether he, himself, turns out to be gay. And this is not just me saying this - as his father and I agree 100% on this matter. I'm just more feisty about it than he is. Having this standard as a family does not make me crazy.  The choice between your hate-filled speech and access to your grandchild is yours to make, and yours alone.

Our job as parents is to raise our child the best way we see fit. He'll be exposed to hate throughout his life, he doesn't need it from people who are supposed to care about him. That hate - whether its based on skin color, nationality, sexuality, even religion ends here. It's too easy to pass it down, generation to generation, and I'm going to do my best to keep it from happening with him.  He's just too happy and carefree of a boy to poison in that way. No child should be poisoned into hating an entire group of people simply because they are different than you.

My stance is firm. When minds are poisoned - this is what you get: Scott Lively - "Defender of Marriage".

When I envision my son's future, I envision one with happiness, but it is difficult with the pain and hatred that I have come across. Some of it I have had in my own heart and, sadly, still do.  I want a future where he, and others can feel free to be who they are. Where gays, atheists, and other minorities do not need as many vocal activists constantly fighting for rights that they should have had all along. A place where an atheist tattoo, bumper sticker, or billboard will not automatically make people want to resort to violence or vandalism; and instead by ignored by the countless church signs, steeples, advertisements, billboards, god-talk, radio stations, etc. found everywhere, even in the most liberal parts of this nation!

I envision a future where public schools understand the constitution, so they don't waste 1. students' time and 2. tax payer money that could be better used to, you know, educate.... or something.

This is why I draw hard lines about what I expose my child to - it's why I choose to limit my interactions with you.

And on a grander scale, it is because of you, and people like you that I do WHAT I DO.
I am vocal.
I am loud.
I am an activist.

So when you talk about me behind my back - wondering what's "wrong" with me - ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, it's YOU that I have the problem with - you know - like I've been telling you all along.


  1. I like this post. It's honest and responsible. If I had kids, I'm sure I'd feel the same way.

  2. I wouldn't let him anywhere near my kids either. Family or not, some people are simply too hate-filled to have around.